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5 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Planning to Dump You

It can be very difficult to predict the direction of your relationship. Whether it will lead to marriage or not.

For married people, you might be convinced that you are living happily, when your husband is secretely planning to dump you.

 Some men may not have the courage to truly admit that the relationship is not working, hence decide to dis-engage slowly.

Many apply this strategy by ghosting you.

Here is how to know that a man is planning to dump you;

  1. Something just feels off

When you feel like there is a lost of the love flame, this is a sign that he’s unhappy with how the relationship is going.

If you’re able to talk it out, you may still be able to salvage it at this stage.

If he’s not willing to open up about his issues, this might just mean you may need to prepare yourself.

2.What used to bother him doesn’t anymore

If you husband/ hubby used to get angry when you hang out with male friends or come home late, be careful when he is no longer bothered. This is a big sign that he is no longer interested in you.

The man may even be encouraging you to chat and hangout with other people apart from him. This is a sign that he has given up.

3.He is annoyed by the fact that you want his attention

Should this happen, it’s a sign that he either your man needs some space or that you need a new boyfriend.

4.You are the only one putting effort in the relationship.

some guys actually will put no effort into a relationship in hopes that the girl will get frustrated and break up with him. You shouldn’t have to shoulder 100% of the relationship weight on yourself. Do yourself a favor and beat him to the finish line by kicking him out early enough.

5.He is cheating on you

 If he’s looking for another girlfriend, chances are that he’s going to dump you once he finds one. Even if he’s not going to dump you, do you really want a guy who has a side chick?






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