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Dating Romantic

Ten things Girls want but will never ask for

1. Touch her waist and pull her close.

Every Lady want a man who's romantic and this is a very potent approach. This chemistry is essential to the female gender. It reminds her that you still fancy her. She wants to be reminded that she's still the center of your universe, and this is one of the most effective ways to express that to her.

2. Talk to her about her day

Psychologically, the female gender are built in such a way, that they do a lot of talking. Hence, she will always want to share almost everything with someone. That's where you'll come in. Ask her about her day.

3. Share secrets with her

sharing a secret with a lady, makes her feel she's more than just a random female friend to you. They love that stuff. She'll become more emotionally attached when you share secrets with her. 

4. Give her your clothes

Gifts are Love language. It shows that you're thinking about someone. They like to know that you're always in their mind. The primary love language of some ladies are gifts. When you communicate with them in that love language, often times, they become more obsessed with you.

5. Hug her tight

Ladies are emotional. Tight hugs are romantic gestures that expresses true Love. A tight hug will always keep a grin on her face.

6. Hold her 

Holding her is always a sign that you're not ashamed of being with her. Girls love that. They want you to show them off, especially among Other ladies.

 7. Laugh with her

Always laugh at her jokes, funny or not. It makes her feel special. Ladies love that stuff.

8. Invite her out

Take her out on dates, invite her to family dinners, show her to your friends, siblings, and important people in your life.

9. Text her randomly in the day

She wants to know that you're thinking about her every hour on the hour. Texting randomly creates a great bond in a relationship.

10. Listen empathetically

Every Lady loves an empathetic listener. She wants you to be emotionally involved in her experience when she's sharing.

The above listed, if followed properly, will take your relationship and love life to the next level I promise you.

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