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Signs You Might Be Dating a Player

It's always nice and healthy be dating a new person, good-looking , confident and we'll spoken. The only problem is you are doubting your Mr. Right might be hiding something which may naturally lead you to wonder ; Is he a player?

It's hard to differentiate between a real person and a player ; One thing if you're a player then you're playing with someone's feelings, whether by lying to the person that she is the only person you're seeing , or by convincing another that you're single yet you're not.

Here are the signs he is a player.

1. They avoid commitment.

Your partner does not really need to tell you that he is seeing a new person. An individual regular pattern will show you how the person you're dating feels about you. If he goes for days in between the dates and you haven't heard from them at all, that's a good sign. If the person you're dating avoids to take the relationship to the next level without having a valid explanation, there's a very big chance he is seeing another person whose true intentions are concealed. Avoid them.

2. They engage in suspicious behavior.

If your man acts like there is something hidden ,then chances are that's true. However if they regularly act suspicious when it comes to their phone, then they are signalling an information. A honest person won't have doubts and mistrust of sharing information with there partners. Therefore, if you have doubts and suspicion then go ahead and find the truth.

3. They have a wondering eye.

All genders notice people they find attractive- sneaking a quick eye is totally normal. But if your partner constantly stares on other people at your presence, then this is disrespectful. Therefore ,there is no absolute reason to tolerate someone whose actions are making you feel uncomfortable.

4. They are dishonest.

Many of us try the hardest to find a way to justify dishonest behavior in the hopes of protecting the flawless image of someone we've build up in our hearts. However, the bigger the deceptions the bigger the warning sign. The lack of honesty should also extend to patterns of convenient omissions. The omissions does not really justify them as players, but rather they are exercising there freedom to explore their options. Take caution.

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