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Kuna Ukweli? The Age at Which Men Are Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partners According To Research

Some members of the public in relationships are prone to get caught up in the thorny throes of an affair with studies showing that men are more likely to cheat than women.

An extensive study has it that anyone is likely to get caught while commiting infidelity but the study shows that 46 percent of men cheat on their partners as compared to 21 percent of women. Another extensnsice report from the Institute for Family Studies (IFS) has it that many men in marriages, men cheats twice than those in relationships.

The report from the Institute for Family Studies data also indicates that age plays a very big role in who is cheating.

Research has it that married men and women under the age of 30 year's cheating rate is about the same with 10 percent men cheating versus 11 percent women cheating.

However, as age tends to increase, the gap between how many men and how many women cheat grows.

The infidelity rate among men is highest or at its peak when men are in their 70s.

In addition, among those men and women aged 50 to 69, about 24 percent of men cheat, compared to 16 percent of women. After that, during ages 70 to 79, 13 percent of women cheat, while 26 percent of men cheat. Interestingly enough, the number remains relatively high for men in their later years, too: 24 percent of men 80 years or older report cheating while only 6 percent of women say the same.

Based on the data, women report the highest rate of infidelity in their 60s, but the rate goes sharply down in their 70s and 80s.

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