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Husband and wife relationship

6 Things You Should Never Say To Your Husband If You Want To Stay Married

Don't let your words jeopardize your marriage (or his self-esteem)! Some things are better left unsaid.

Ladies, keep your lips zipped and pay attention. Because, even if you didn't mean to hurt your husband, the words you use may do just that.

If you want to live happily ever after, there are six sentences you should never say to your partner. Isn't it the case all the time?

1. "You're way past your prime."

Or, even worse, we're far too old for it. Boring!

Stay out till the wee hours of the morning, pop bottles at the club, and push him to join that recreational soccer league with his buddies that he's been talking about.

Isn't it true that you're only as old as you feel?

In addition, channeling your inner child will help keep your marriage new and enjoyable. We're not suggesting you make it a habit, but you should quit using your age as an excuse to avoid doing things.

2. "I'm a huge fan of your dad bod!"

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please

While we can all agree that dad bods are very hot, whether he's a real dad or not, your husband is unlikely to take this as a compliment (surprise, surprise!).

Stick to sexy and spicy terms, or simply tell him you admire his figure, and you'll be OK.

3."Oh no, you're becoming bald!" says the third.

Wow, you hit him where it hurts!

Wives, just in case you didn't know, guys are surprisingly sensitive and nervous about hair loss, so don't rub it in when it starts to fade.

Because, you know, men have feelings as well.

4. "Do you need another [insert favorite food or alcoholic beverage]?"

Making him feel horrible about his appearance is probably not the best option, especially if it's in front of all his pals unless you've made a vow to eat healthier and call each other out on your slip-ups.

5. "I'm always the one who has to take care of everything around here!"

Please, please, please, please!

You may be the busiest woman on the planet, and you may pick up a lot of slack around the house; yet, it's quite unlikely that you do everything while your husband contributes nothing.

Instead of focusing on what he doesn't do, try complimenting him for what he does, and we're sure you'll see a major difference shortly.

"I know you're probably going to say no," says the sixth.

Okay, Nancy, you're allowed to be pessimistic. Your odds of getting your partner to agree to whatever request you had in mind are now limited to none.

Reframe your query in a positive perspective (e.g., "The last time we took the dog to the park together, I had so much fun. Do you want to go back tomorrow?) to get the answer you want, or at the very least improve your chances of hearing yes.

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