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Divorce Affair

Factors you Should Know Before Considering Marriage.

Marriage is something sacred that is meant to last forever between couples. Unfortunately, that is not the case since some people divorce in less than 2 years.

A study at Emory University showed that people who dated for more than 3 years reduce the chances of divorce by 50%. Meaning that half the people who divorce did not take enough time to know their partners.

It has also been noted that couples who move in together before marriage get to know each other better and after marriage, they tend to live together than people who never lived together before.

People who knew each other before dating also have a better chance at marriage than people who knew nothing about the other before their dating period.

Waiting for the right time and getting to know your partner is crucial. Especially knowing how your partner handles stress and anxiety since people tend to change a lot when their mood is low.

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