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Husband and wife relationship

Qualities of a Good Woman to Marry

Marriage is good when you marry a true friend, lover and mother to your children. A true woman will always make her husband happy. She will always be there for the husband be it in trouble or happiness. That is a good woman. If you have women of this character never let her go.

If she is a good woman, she will always appreciate the gift you buy for her whether ip is small or big. Some women when they are brought for a gift 📦 they will never appreciate but say they don't like it, that that is not a good woman.

When you see her give you her attention, then she is right woman to heve for marriage.when a woman is in love she will always give you attention. That is a loving woman.if want to know that she not good for marriage, she is ever busy. She will not give you time to talk to her or take her out.

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