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What To Do When She Keeps On Declining Your Proposals.

Getting rejected by the girl you love is kinda a normal thing though it hurts since sometimes it sounds like a heartbreak. Most guys tend to give you at this point thinking that love doesn't favor them at all. Maybe your crush has someone else who makes her feel better than you so she has options. If you are not meant to be obvious you can't force it to happen. Even at times fate has it that your soulmate is a different person. So some things shouldn't make one panic as they're just part of life. 

Here is what one is supposed to do when your crush turns down your proposals. 

Identify the most possible reason why she declined that offer. Obvious there is a cause of the rejection she can't say no without having an excuse. Maybe there's something in you that she doesn't love. Take note of it by asking her some questions. Approaching her romantically will help in opening up to disclose the matter. Yes she said no, but you don't have to be furious and harsh because if you do this she'll continue hating you. 

Then after getting the answer to that decline, take corrective measures. This means employing the required skills to change that situation. Maybe it's your attitude that she doesn't love. Adopt a new one that is more positive and matches her interest. However, there are other natural features which obvious you can't change. Those ones just accept the case and since they're not alterable, move on to someone who can accept the way you are. 

Another thing is financial stability. Agreeably this is a considerable quality that ladies look deep into before making a love decision. Every woman wants a financially stable man to help her in paying bills as well living a better life. So if the state of your pockets is doubtful, then you need to do something about it. Don't say love will just come because you are handsome. Yes you're cute but broke so who will date you? Work on the financial side first before getting into a relationship. 

It all takes patience and trust in God that things shall work right. So hold on to these tips and you'll have the best results at the end of it. Hope you find this article helpful so please don't forget to like, comment and share.

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