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Divorce Affair

Ciru. ''Apart From Age Difference We Love Each Other. My Parents Blessed Us.''

According to the African culture, the age difference is the first priority when you are in a relationship. Society tries to judge you when you have a very big age gap. At times the whole thing can lead to depression, suicidal attempts, mental illness, divorce, and denial.

Apart from the age gap, there are many differences in society. Issues like disability, tribe, poverty, level of education, and other things. Luckily love is beyond all these. At times the society tends to criticize you for what you do in the name of love. But if it's true love, go on and fight for it. Show people your relationship can work. At times don't listen to what people say about you. You two have your own private life.

Fortunately, for this Kikuyu woman, her case is different. Her husband is 32 years older than her. Before she got married she was in a relationship. They were in the same age group as her ex-boyfriend. She adds that there was a very big gap pertaining to maturity, priorities, experiences, and how to handle life. There is a big difference between how young people love and how older people love.

At the beginning of their marriage, things were tough. Ciru adds the understanding each other was a problem. For example, if she was told something, she felt like her husband was just commanding her like a parent. In another case, if she told her husband something he felt like Ciru was very young to tell him something or even advice her on anything. Through communication, they were able to handle their differences.

Ciru says that her only worry is about death. Most people think that old people have a higher risk of ding other than young people. For Ciru she is always prepared for what can happen. Even if it can hit her but she can eventually accept it. She only prays to God to give them a long and happy life.

Unfortunately, her husband is full of fears. Because Ciru is young, he feels like she can leave him to look for younger men. Ciru always assures him that she is there to stay. She is not interested in younger men. Tricks in a good relationship; listen to each other, respect each other, appreciate each other and be comfortable with each other. If you have the parent's blessing you are good to go.

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