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5 Reasons Why Ladies Who Love Going to The Church Make The Worst Wives-Opinion

The church teaches on how to be spiritually strong, but it doesn't dwell much on how a lady should be when in the position of being a wife. When you find a lady who much into church things, she might be good at strengthening the family spiritually, but with the basic knowledge of how to make a good home.

The following are reasons why men should avoid dating ladies who love going to church:

1.Some women who go to church are lovers of gossip. This is because when they finish their church service, they start talking how another person is fairing on or how he or she has encountered failure or development.

2. Some ladies who love the church have a poor relationship in which they feel that they should only be involved with their colleagues who are of their church. This might make some people create hatred on one's family.

3. When a church lady changes her behaviour to worst, for instance taking alcohol, she can't get out of it easily. But an average lady can control all of her encounters she faces in life.

4. They spend less time with their family since most of the time they get involved in church activities. Since every man wants that when he gets home he finds his wife taking care of the family.

5. It is easy to spoil a family especially when the lady pretends to be the lover of the church but does some things that are against the word of God. Marrying an average lady who knows both the spiritual and the normal life can be the best thing to do.

Do you think ladies who love going to the church have all it takes to be the best wives in marriage?

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