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Do You Need A Marriage Certificate In Kenya? Do The Following To Get It

If you want to get a marriage certificate you should get married first. In Kenya there are three ways in which you can get married: traditional customary union, a religious wedding and/or a Civil wedding.

If you want to get a marriage certificate do the following:

Step 1) File a notice to the registrar and wait for 21 days. Pay a fee of 600 Kenya Shillings so that your notice will be processed.

Step 2) After the expiry of the 21 days you can now proceed to the next step.

Step 3) If you choose to go for a a civil marriage you will be required to pay ksh. 3,300 and you will be given the dates according to the official diary. After picking the dates you can either decide on where you would like the ceremony to take place. After the vows are done the registrar will sign the Marriage Certificate.

Step 4) If you decide that you will go to a licensed place of worship you will be required to pay ksh 800 so that you can get a registrar certificate. After getting the certificates one will take them to the religious leaders and later after the vows all the key participants will sign the certificate.

Step 5) If you decide not to hold your wedding in a registrar or a licensed place of worship and hold it in a garden or a hotel a special licence will be needed even if a notice was properly given. The license cost ksh. 7,200.

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