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Is it Right to have a boyfriend/girlfriend before finishing school answered.

Boyfriends are not bad. They make us happy and help us know how to relate with opposite gender. But think of this. What is the purpose?.Courting?Marriage? Fornication?Peer pressure?What is the purpose at this time?Some are after sex while others are meant as way of showing off to other peers.

Think of consequences. May be loss of time that could have been used to study, early marriages, Fornication, influence to drugs, failing in exams due to divided attention and many more.This simply means that disadvantages outweigh the merits!

Then it is good to get into a relationship when you are Ripe for marriage and settling down. When a man can be able to provide for you and the family. When both of you are mature enough to handle issues and come to a point of compromise. Then this is the maturity required in a relationship.

Waiting is not easy but it is worth it!

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