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When A Man Is Afraid Of Losing You, He Will Do This.

1. He cancels plans to be with you. He does it just to be around you. It is a sign that spending time with you is his priority.

2. He avoids fights. When a guy notices that you are losing interest on him, he will try his best to avoid any dispute.

3. He cares about your family and friends. He will try his best all of them to like him, so that you notice how lovable he is.

4. He meets your every need. This guy puts your well being first. This is because he wants you to feel special and loved.

5. He talks about your future. It means you are the woman he can picture himself growing old with.

6. He is jealous of every other guy in your surroundings. He might even end up asking you about them.

7. Including you in his future. He will constantly bring topics of your future together.

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