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What are The Factors That Contribute to Satisfying a Relationship or Marriage ?

Marriage is an exclusive union between one man and one woman,publicly acknowledged,permanently sealed and physically consummated , therefore you should apply the following factors so as to satisfy your relationship or marriage ;

1) Love

Love must be given as a gift with nothing asked in return . Love your spouse and see the good in him or her.


Work hard to honor the commitment made in a relationship or marriage, during the bad times as well as good times .


Things that compete with your number one priority which is your partner ,should be left aside.

4) Trust

Trust is foundational to a highly effective marriage or relationship . Without trust there can be no openness between the couple and every conversation will be inhibited.


Communication is what sparks the caring,giving,sharing and affirming that are present in intimate friendship.The most obvious is that most of us have never been taught effective communication skills.Another is that we are afraid to share real thoughts and feelings with our mates.


A wife should always respect her husband's ideas and opinions. This makes the children to learn attitudes of respect for their father. The husband should also respect the wife as well.

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