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4 Tricks to make Girls chase You

Is there a girl that is making your heart skip a bit and you don’t know on how to get her? But now worry less we are going to use simple steps that will attract her and make her chase you.

Here are a few ways to make the girl of tour dreams chase you:

1.Love yourself first.

Love is so sweet when you have somebody that you love so much. For many girls, love is sweeter when they find a handsome man who loves and likes himself. This is because; they believe being with a man who likes himself is a good thing in a relationship as he will make it last forever.

2.Start with being Friends.

Friendship is always a better thing in life before dating. It’s the best way to understand someone’s behavior. For you to get that girl to chase you first be friends. Be the friend who makes him happy every time you talk or chat. Being a good friend will make her get attracted to you and think of having you as her man.

3.Pay attention on her.

Love is something that you cannot make or force. If you are always busy and you don’t have time for her just forget her. Whenever you meet give her all your attention. Ask her as many questions as possible, believe me, she will love you and chase after you for a serious relationship.

4.Be Caring

Ladies like having a caring man next to them. Someone who will make her laugh when she is in a low mood. When you meet, use your time well. Touching her the right way. This is because ladies like being touched by their men when together as the believe that it brings them closer. Do everything nice to prove that you care about her.

Those are the simple 4 tricks on how to make her chase you and #2 reason why women never seem to want you as much as you want them just start with friendship.

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