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5 Signs that a lady has liked you and wants you to approach her

A lady can be attracted to you without your consent and there you can know whether she has been attracted to you with the signs below.

1.Making her dress smooth with her hand

The lady will keep on checking on her dress and smoothening it while looking at you.This is common with ladies who wear tight skirts.

2.Staring at you over a long period of time

This sign is often when you are in a meeting and you realize that a lady somewhere is looking at you so much.You should therefore chose to approach the lady.

3.Maintaining eye contact with you

The lady will maintain eye contact when it happens that you faced each other coincidentally.You should feel excited about this and approach her.

4.Constantly checking on her braids

When you see a lady moving her braids back from her face while looking at you,this is a sure sign of attraction and you should make an effort of approaching her.

5.Drawing your attention 

For example,a lady can draw your attention especially when you are in. meeting by standing or even giving a proposal in order to draw your attention.

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