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How to Make your 'Crush' fall in Love with you

First of all, we must understand what it means to have a crush on a person. It simply means one has unexpressed feeling about another person; crushes are little bit like the romantic love adults feel toward one another. You might be feeling something for your crush but they might not understand this, so this is how to get their attention and make them have feelings for you too

Ask for little favors

It might even feel so hard talking to them but here is how you can start to get their attention and spend more time with them; ask them for little favors like helping you carry documents from the office or even books from the library. Helping someone make one feel positive about them

Mimic them

You have been studying them for a while, you know what he or she likes , what color they loves and what the loves wearing , for example if you notice that they love wearing blue, you can get yourself something blue, this will create a connection between both of you, they will surely notice this.

Find out their interests

We all have those activities we love doing, find out what your crush’s interests are and see if there is something common between both of you. If its riding, doing some work outs, walking and even the love for animals, you can let them know about this and be doing it together

Spending more time with them

The best ways to get to know your crush well is being around them most of the time. This way you will connect slowly as days go by. Getting to know someone and understanding them maybe the first step into forming that strong bond


It is believed that the more you laugh together with a person, the more they are attracted to you. Listen to their jokes laugh together and you can also joke with them once in a while. Make them laugh too and later you will realize that you are more connected than before.

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