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How to Approach a Girl You Don't Know

Someone once told me that questions left unasked have a default answer of NO. Many are the times we notice a lady that we like, or at least I have, but lack the confidence or courage to approach her or make our first move. Well, at times we're afraid of being rejected or we just feel like we are not going to be good enough.

Now that's about to change today with the S-A-F-I principle we're going to learn. The principle has four letter whose meaning I will now explain.

Smile - At times we focus too much on coming out as a cool guy but then again it just makes you look like you're coming out too hard. Smiling on the other hand eases the tension especially if you're meeting this girl for the first time and it even makes you more attractive in general.

Authenticity - I believe there's usually no one line you can just use to make a girl immediately fall in love with you. And instead of trying too much, remember if she's attractive, she's already used to getting hit on many times so by your eye contact and body language, she already knows why you are there.

So just be authentic and be genuine. I know there's usually a temptation to focus too much on what you are going to say but it doesn't really matter what you as much as how you say it, which makes all the difference in the world. Actually if she already likes you, the problem is no longer what to say but being careful not to say the wrong thing.

Focus - Only focus on the things you can control like just approaching her. Don't worry about being rejected because at times there's a 90% chance you will get rejected and it has nothing to do with you.

At times she just might have come from a toxic relationship and needs some time, or she has a stomach ache or she is having a bad day. So just focus on approaching her and trust yourself.

Invitation - Invite her into your life. Don't dare make the mistake of asking her to give you permission to be part of her life. You should have the attitude of "is she cool for me?" and "fit to be part of my life?"

In fact, instead of trying to convince her to come with you, make her want to, and this won't be by asking for her permission like a scared cat. Look at it like you're inviting her into your world.

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