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To men: Never marry a lady with the following Four characteristics

For a healthy relationship men are encouraged to marry a lady who meet their expectations so that their will not be wrangles in the family.

The following are characteristics of ladies who are not fit for marriage:


A good woman should respect your friends, family members and the society so if your lady is so harsh to the community leave her.


For marriage to be strong faithfulness must be considered first priority because being unfaithful may bring diseases and instability to the family.


Every woman should be hardworking and ready to keep the house clean all the time. Ladies who can stay in in a disorganized way are not good enough for marriage.


Working under no supervision should be one of the qualities of a lady but ladies who like being instructed are rude and cannot make a good relationship.

After making the choice of marriage couples are encouraged to live in peace and solve every problem in a diplomatic way to avoid harming one another.

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