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The power in walking away from a woman

The power in walking away from a woman

  Most of the guys are struggling to have the girls like them back as they do simply because they feel like they should have her by their side and her alone. It becomes so hard for you to let go of the lady, because you are so much into her that letting go feels like it is the end of the world. You should know that the ladies belong to the streets and there is no way you can claim it that she is yours because you love her. Learn to walk when you realize that things are not working out as they should be.

  The world is so large and full of many ladies, I can’t understand why you must hold on to her if she is not interested. This is a message that you should take home, ladies are known to give guys hard time. They want to see how serious you are with them. Understand that time is limited and therefore, you are not authorized to just waste it on things that do you no good like trying to prove to a woman, the degree you hold at loving her. This will only show her that you are weak and therefore, she tends to use you as she wastes your time.

  Learn to walk away from anything that wastes your time, if she is trying to play hard to get game, walk away from her because she is only going to waste your time. Avoid that mentality that because you need a girlfriend, you are desperate that it means you should have her by doing anything possible. Never narrow yourself down into doing anything possible as a man. You should always working towards gaining respect from her remember, unless she respects you, she will never love you but waste your time.

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 For men, never try to hold on to something that won’t do you any good, walk away from something that is only there to waste your time. If she is playing hard to get, walk away, she is not into you and therefore, even you try and try again you will never win her.

  Just by walking away, you can miraculously attract more ladies, something that you might not know at the moment. This is a point to have knowledge of because many guys out there struggle with being attractive and handsome. The problem with them is to think that holding on, wins him a woman. Sometimes it reaches a point where she becomes unbearable to a point where she decides to walk away. As a man, learn that women are uncontrollable, whatever she decides, and she does it even if you cry over it.

 Sometimes, I wonder why a guy becomes worried about a woman when she says, she wants to live. What we want you to learn here is that, some things, in life are out of our control and we cannot do anything. What has to happen will happen.

 Therefore, in conclusion we are saying this, that the moment you decide to hold on to a woman even after she says, No, it is the moment when your authority as a man starts going down without you realizing it. The respect that she may have on you falls rapidly and now, there is nothing you will do since you will live a stressful life. Learn to walk away from someone who is not interested in being with you and gain respect.

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