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Husband and wife relationship

10 basic things your wife wants to hear from you everyday-Opinion

1. I love you. I know it’s a little obvious. But wives need to hear this little phrase over and over. I don’t know if it can be said too much.

2. You are beautiful. Every woman wants to be beautiful. Tell her how she is beautiful and what about her is pretty.

3. Thank you for all the little things you do.Women usually do quite a few little things that may seem unnoticeable day to day, but they are big things! Let her know you don’t take her and the work she does for granted.

4. You are smart. Women have sometimes been belittled and sometimes assumed inferior. Tell your wife how smart she is. Point out some ways you have learned from her.

5. I am a better man because I am with you.Express to your wife that you have become a better man because she is in your life. She challenges you and pushes you to do your best. Because of her support, you have achieved goals & dreams in your life.

6. Tell me about your day. Women like to talk. Be genuine and ask your wife how her day was. Really listen and pay attention showing her that she is important to you.

7. I need you. Let you wife know that you really need her. Without her you would not be able to do all that you do.

8. Sit down and put your feet up. Yes. Sometimes wives need a little break! Take over dinner or the laundry for a few minutes and let her get some quiet time in.

9. You are a great mom. If you are blessed with children, then your wife has a very demanding job. She is on call 24/7. Let her know that you really appreciate her role in your children’s lives. And that she is doing a fabulous job too. 

10. How can I help you? Find out what you can do to help your wife out. You might be surprised at all the little tasks she has to do each day. Just taking on one of them would be a big help to her

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