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Opinion: Signs That a Woman Is Single and Searching

Not all women are in relationships as most men presume. They can also be single and searching for partners just like men do. There are signs that you can notice on a woman that indicate she is single and searching for a potential partner. Today am sharing with you these signs to help you understand them much better.

1. She keeps looking around

If her eyes are moving all over the room as if she is looking for a potential guy, you may be able to approach her because usually people who are already in a relationship do not spend time looking around that much.

2. She looks at you then smiles

When she looks at you for a long time it means that she is interested in you. No woman in a relationship can keep looking at a strange man who is not her boyfriend.

3. She flirts with others guys

If you see her talking to many guys from a distance, it may mean that she is open to a conversation. Chances are that she is looking for a better guys who she can give a try with. It is a good indication that you should go and talk to her.

4. She looks at other couples with a sad face.

This is a sign that she wants to be in a relationship. She is sad that she is not as happy as the other girl who is having a good time with her boyfriend. Save her the frustration and fill the gap in her heart by talking to her.

5. She is looking at herself more often

Body language says a lot about a person. she is twirling her hair and touching other men as she passes so that she can be noticed. This is a green light for you to approach her and ask her out.

6. She goes out with other girls

Single women tend to go out and have fun with their friends. If you see the same girl out with her friends more than once at the same bar, she is definitely single and searching.

7. She is more than friendly

Generally women who are in a relationship tend to be less friendly with other men. If you notice that a woman is very sweet and friendly with most men she approaches, it is possible that she is single.

8. Ask for her phone number

You can also find out whether she is single by approaching her and asking for her number. She might say that she already has a boyfriend but you should always give it a try. Even if it is difficult to directly approach a woman, you can use the aforementioned hints to know her status.

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