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13 Things Every Man Should Know About Women Before Dating One

That women are complicated people whose choices and decisions are sometimes unpredictable and a contradiction of what they say may not be news anymore.

For women, instances of "no" meaning "yes" or a woman frowning at her male partner after he has done what she literally asked him to do have ruined countless relationships and this is because of one thing, women are complicated.

She'll ask you in your honest opinion if you think a gorgeous girl walking past you is prettier than her but if you end up saying the truth, she'll be mad that you don't find her attractive anymore or that you keep lusting after other women.

It's for this reason that I bring to you a number of important things every man should know about a woman before dating one.

1. When you are in an argument with a woman who is angry, more than half of what she says isn't true or it's meaningless.

2. In a relationship, a woman's most devastating time is when she's away from a man whom she truly loves and when she discovers that her husband is having an affair with another woman.

3. For a gorgeous woman, if you don't take care of her, other men will do that job for you and it'll obviously come at a price.

4. It takes time for a woman to trust a man but if she trusts you, it's hard to change her. However, if you end up confusing her, you better forget it that she will trust you again.

5. Always take a woman as a school from which you cannot graduate no matter how you learn and never get complacent after understanding a little bit of her.

6. That certificate which you are given after marrying a woman is not a 'driver's license', take it as a student's 'admission letter'.

7. She may be bitter right now, but she'll become a sweet angel later depending on how you talk to her.

8. It's hard for a woman to forget things and in most cases, she remembers more what hurts her the most, so avoid hurting her.

9. A woman can be very secretive. In fact you should accept it that a woman is good at keeping her personal secrets than a man.

10. All women love to be asked and pampered. Men should never forget this.

11. All women have a unique character like salt. After getting used to it, you may not realize its presence but in its absence everything will lack flavour.

12. If she really loves you, she'll do whatever she can to make you happy and keep you closer to her, so don't force her to love you if she's not into you.

13. If your girl asks a question like "do you find that girl over there more attractive than me," always reply with "which girl?" This means that you should assume you didn't see any other girl besides her even if you did.

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