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5 Delicate Things about Your Relationship You Should Never Discuss With Anyone

Feelings and secrets 

There are some issues about your relationship that you should never share with friends like your feeling and secrets. If someone trusts you with his or her secrets, and you go ahead spreading them to friends, you may hurt their feeling and break their trust in you

Arguments and quarreling

Every relationship has those moments where you will argue and have some differences on certain things. Telling your friends and family member every argument and quarrelling in your relationship will create a bad picture of them in your family’s minds. They will remember the rudeness of your partner for ages. 

Former private habits

You should never discuss your former habits with you former partner especially the private habits. Previous experiences plays a very important role in your current relationship and when you are together, It is time to learn new things and skills that will bring both of you joy equally.

Your fears even if it’s joking

Fear is what we cannot control for example the fear of spiders, and heights. Joking about such things with friends while your partner is around will not be a good experience to them. The best things is to help them fight their fear and become more confident instead of shaming them

Financial trouble

Even with close relatives, you should never discuss the financial troubles in your relationship even if it is high income. Your family budget is your own business and if you need some assistant from a friend or family, make sure you have discussed it with your partner first.


It is not necessary to talk about your partners flaws with your family or friends, this is because your relatives might remember and reveal them during a conversation. It is possible that you may get used to them and accept them but think how they will feel when they hear it from your friends or relatives. You should tell your partner instead and help them in fixing their flaws; this might help save your relationship.

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