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Tips For Balancing Relationship And Study.

Balancing between relationship and studies can be very stressful and distracting. This is the main reason why students are discouraged from being in relationships while in school. However, love is a strong feeling in which at times we have no control over.

1. Limit phone usage. No matter how good technology is but it can also be bad. Resist from distractions like calling or texting with your partner while studying.

2. Set clear academic goals as it is the main of you being in school. It will help you stay on track while in a relationship.

3. Create a schedule and stick with it. You will know when to rest, when to study and when to spend time with your partner hence managing time properly.

4. Be in the same page by sharing same aspirations and goals. Your partner should also desire to perform well in their studies and build a healthy relationship.

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