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'Nilimkatia Kwa FB Akaingia Box' Lady Marries A Man She First Approached in Facebook

In most relationships and love stories, it is the man who initiates everything. And in most cases the ladies are known to play hard to get and in the processes, end up loosing potential suitors.

When asked why they don't take the initiative and approach a man for a relationship, most ladies claim that they are not courageous enough and that they fear encountering a rejection. They actually confess that it is better for them to stay single than to gain their courage and approach a man.

But naturally, it is like a man was created being a Hunter while the woman was created being receptive.

However, one brave woman defied the cultural Norm and she took the initiative to approach the man she crushed on.

The said lady in - boxed her crush on facebook during his birthday. This served as the beginning of their love affair which saw them end up getting married.

This marriage occurance clearly proved that ladies can comfortably take up the initiative of approaching the men they crush on and should not wait until the man comes up.

Why wait to be a braids maid at a wedding of a man who should have been your husband if you had made your intentions straight to him?

Changamka Siz, Jieleze.

Content created and supplied by: MpaulM (via Opera News )

Hunter Nilimkatia Kwa FB Akaingia Box'


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