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Netizens React To Photo Of Two Ladies At Different Stages Of Their Lives, Kweli Pesa Ni Sabuni

In life, transformation is inevitable as people grow, their physical appearances change from time to time.

Today, the OMGVoice news and entertainment podcast posted two photos of South African sisters with the first picture seemed to be a throwback photo.

In the next photo, the two ladies seem to have transformed completely with their complexion changing as they look more beautiful that their earlier stages.

This got netizens online react to the two photos with others claiming that money changed them while others claimed that photo filters made them look beautiful.

Take a look at some of the reactions;

Shiks Mwari Wa Wanjish; With good lighting and a good camera. Everybody is beautiful.

Erastus Kibe; Look at what make up can do, also quality of camera.

Shaffie Omondi; Can buy make up or what do you mean, filters are free if you have a phone.

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