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"Never Lose Hope On Love" Beautiful Couple Born With Scoliosis Disability Narrates

The world is full of wonders, one of the most amazing deeds happened recently where a couple united. The husband is called Jean Baptiste while the wife is called Patricia. This is not a normal couple since they are all born differently with Scoliosis disabilities, both of them spent a lot of years looking for their perfect match bearing no fruits. What brought the two wonderful human beings was their disability since they had lost hope in finding a marriage partner.

The couple whose love story shocked everyone since they fell in love with each other after meeting up. Jean explains how he could approach countless ladies who always rejected his proposal the reason behind the rejection was his disability.

They narrate how they are planning a wedding soon to come since they found out that they have so many similarities which tend to strengthen their relationship even more.

This beautiful story tries to imply that no one should ever lose hope in love.

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