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Three Reasons to Never Plan a Future with a Woman Who Is Still Giving Out Her Number

Never Plan a future with a woman who is still giving out her number (3 Reasons).

When it comes to planning for the future, it requires a big thinking and good reasoning because it is at this point that most guys make mistakes.

Like, we all just think that the future is something easy to be thought about. We end up making decisions just for granted.

With our team, we sat down and look into it and finally decided to release this article for you.

We want you to read this article and make sure you learn how to get careful with your decisions this time round.

Make sure you read it and avoid making unnecessary decisions with time. That means, you should know the reasons why you should never plan a future with a woman who is still giving out her number.

Without taking much time, here are the points we prepared for you Today;

1. She is not ready to settle down.

For a woman to continue giving her phone number to other guys, it means she is simply not ready to settle down.

Like, she is still looking for greener pastures. She has not yet decided on her mind that she wants to settle down.

As a guy who needs a serious relationship, we want you to go into a date with a woman who is also serious.

Otherwise, dating a woman who is still giving out her number is just but a waste of time. Let her go out of your way as soon as possible.

2. She doesn't love you.

A woman who loves you tries at all cost to avoid any kind of distractions that may let her think otherwise about you.

She will avoid all those guys that are trying to block her way just to reach out to her. This is because she knows very well that you need her attention.

When a woman is not ready to do this, it means that she has not yet decided to date you alone. High chances are that she doesn't like you truly.

Let her go as soon as you realize this. There is no way she can claim to love you when for sure, she is looking for other attention somewhere, just a waste of time.

3. She does not respect you.

Yeah, there is no love without respect. All guys requires from a woman is the respect that a they get from those ladies.

Like, a guy wants to date a woman who will listen to him when he talks, not a woman who will oppose everything that he speaks out.

But when a woman keeps giving out her number, only means that she is not ready to give you the respect you deserve.

Simply let her go when you realize this and make sure you never disturb her again, until the day she will learn the value of respect to give men.

We hope it makes sense to you at this point. Feel free to follow us for more articles coming through as time goes by. Like share and comment.

Content created and supplied by: Collinovidz (via Opera News )


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