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How To Get A Girl's Attention And Make Her Want You

1. Be charming in your behavior and the way you talk to everyone else. When you have a warm personality you will be able to draw any girl to you.

2. Do not be dominated by any other guy. Never spend your time with people who ignore you or treat you badly. When you are dominated you look weaker.

3. Dress well. Your attire is one of the things that people will notice first about you. If you look good, there is a high chance to get a girl's attention.

4. Laugh and smile. Laughter is usually infectious and attractive. Try to be cheerful and have a sense of humor.

5. Respect other people, and they will respect you in return. This are features of a gentleman. As a result women will give you respect and admiration.

6. Don't be fake. When you are genuine, humble and approachable, you can win more affection.

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