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5 Reasons Why He Keeps Ignoring Your Messages

One thing about women is that they like jumping in to conclusions before knowing the truth.

You meet with a man, exchange numbers, and you start texting him. The discussion moves faster, your conversation seems to be promising. You feel you have found your equal texting partner. He is smart, adorable and can make you laugh out loud.

Then comes this time, things start going west. He suddenly stops texting you. Hell break loses, you wonder why he doesn't reply to your messages.

Here are some reasons why he ignored you.

1. He is poor in texting

Some men are poor in writing messages. Other men are poor in English, so writing a text for them is hard. Some fear that the lady they're interested in might his conversation mode lower. So, the best option is to ignore messages.

2. He is really a busy man

You might text a man in the middle of a meeting or when he is concentrating on something. He sees the message but just ignore it so that he can reply. Upon reaching that time he will be exhausted, and he forgets that he was to reply to the messages.

3. There is some else in his life

Maybe you meet with him in an occasion, you like him and there was no time to have conversations to know each other background. It ended there, but now maybe this man has a family or a girl he is interested to marry more that you.

So because he wants to avoid putting himself in troubles. He chooses to ignore you to safe the marriage and his respect from his family.

4. He is afraid of commitment. Furthermore, he still fears being committed in a relationship.

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