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Agnes Tirop Family Demands All Wealthy Possessed By Husband

The family of the late olympian Agnes Tirop now wants the wealth that was accumulated by their daughter returned to the family. 

Recounting their daughter’s troubled marital life, the family alleges that the late Tirop had complained several times regarding the harassment she endured from her husband, whose name is attached to every estate she owned.

Her sibling Macdonald Kiprotich accepts that his sister's life was assumed control over cash. 

"It is so agonizing you are taking our sisters life only for cash, huyo jamaa aliuwa na ubinafsi tunasema hivyo ju hiyo yake ni ubinafsi… he had everything, hakuna kitu manu hakuwa nayo, ata vitu eneye sisi familia hatukuwa tunapata," Kiprotich says. 

Tirop's mom says she knew the man, yet apparently they were rarely hitched. 

"Ile siku walienda Tokyo, alirudi akapata jamaa anafanya maneno yake na warembo wengine, hapo sasa ndo ilileta shida wakaachana Agnes akarudi nyumbani na akasema hawapatani vizuri na Manu," her sibling Kiprotich

As indicated by her siblings, the man known as Emmanuel or Manu, persuaded their sister to get back to their home on Monday October 16 The occasions paving the way to her passing seem dubious to Tirops' family.

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