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How to make your first impression better

The first impression weighs it all.How you dress,how you talk and how you behave marks the character any person can paint you.When it comes to relationships,the first impression can either give you a red flag or make you win the heart of someone you've been crushing on.I hope that what i am about to discuss below will grant you a better first impression.

The following are the secrets to a better first impression:


Admit that you feel shy other than paint yourself to be courageous.Admit all your fears because your hidden flaws may show out in the weirdest way later.

2.Observe turn taking rules

Talk only when your turn comes.Don't posses the whole conversation.

3.Be natural

Express who you really are,you are aware of your strength s and weaknesses.Don't act rudely as it may give you a red flag.

4.Direct communication

Be specific with the message and answer questions clearly.You should avoid jumping into other subjects.

5.Make them the star of the moment

Make them feel appreciated and do so in a good way.Give them attention feel the moment.

A good first impression is directly proportional to the strength we put in to win the heart we have been yearning for.However if it fails try again and don't give up.

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