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"My Ex-Boyfriend Wanted to Secure My Finances, I Cancelled the Wedding." Mercy Linah

Life is about trying your luck before you succeed. The same case to relationships. In a relationship you try your luck to see if you can compliment each other with your partner. You can be in many relationships but they don't end up in marriage.

Before Mercy Linah got married she was in a relationship where she was not comfortable. Although they had dated for more than three years it didn't end up to marriage.

" My previous boyfriend would dictate what to wear and chose for me my friends. He even secured my finances. In front of people he lowered myself esteem. He showed people that i was of no importance even if i was a musician." Mercy adds.

Mercy says she felt undermined. She knew that was not the relationship she wanted.

"I needed freedom because i was a busy person. Being a musician i could attend many occasions and meet different people. I could also make new friends everyday. Depending on where i was going i would wear whatever i like. I worked hard for what i had earned and so i was the only one who would secure my finances." She adds.

Even after preparing for the wedding she cancelled it. Unfortunately both parents had known each other but she decided not to get married.

Mercy linah is gospel musician, a doctor and an entrepreneur.

She is now married to Victor Malanda and together have children.

Lessons learnt

Communication is good in a relationship. If you feel uncomfortable you are ready to talk it out.

Never secure your partner's finances.

Give your partner minimal freedom.

Learn your partner before you get married.

Relationship is about complementing and moulding each other.

Marriage is the product of good relationship.

Life is about doing what makes you happy.

Never disclose your finances to your partner because he or she may there because of what you have not who you are.


I think the man felt insecure because Mercy linah was well known.

Mercy linah earned more than the man.

Mercy was expensive.

Drop your opinion is it good for you to disclose your finances to your partner?

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