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10 Things That Every Fat Girl Needs To Hear

Ladies are perfect the way they are. No need to pressurize to be yourself to be thin to fit in the group of the thin girls. Here are 10 things that every plus sized lady needs to hear.

1. When people call you beautiful, believe- Stop finding flaws in yourself. When people compliment you, it is because they see you beautiful. You might feel like you don't fit in the category of beautiful girls but this is not true.

2. You're stunning because of your body- You must know that beauty comes from inside and outside. Believe that everyone is beautiful and you are more than your body.

3. It is absolutely okay to fall in love with yourself- There is nothing weird about falling in love with yourself. It is quite liberate in every form.

4. You need not to exercise regularly just to feel better about yourself- You don't have to exercise as much as possible to prove that you are committed towards losing weight. Just accept the way you are and exercise the way you can.

5. Your boyfriend can lift you off without breaking his back- Some girlfriends are heavier than their boyfriends which makes hugging quite impossible because of their weight.

6. There are men who prefer large ladies- You need to know that there are people who prefer heavy girls over skinny ones. You need to find someone who is comfortable with your body.

7. You can wear whatever you want- Feel free to wear whatever you want and that will make you feel comfortable including bikini, skinny jeans or even sweatpants.

8. Everyone gets rolls on their tummy, not just you- Let the thought of you getting rolls on your tummy because of the extra fat get out of your way.

9. Fat chicks bang hot guys- Hot dudes who are usually physically fit are in relationships with girls who are on the heavier side.

10. Your arm flab is not at all embarrassing- Your arm flab is part of your body and you should love whatever you have.

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