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Four Things Your Girlfriend Expects From You For A Long Lasting Relationship

Being single is hectic, relationships are boring; daily conversations, hanging out among many others. Whereas that may be true, maybe you have just not mastered the knack for turning your girlfriend on as a man.

Today I am taking you through a short course on what every lady expects from her man but may never let you know because she's just shy or fearful. Here are four things your girlfriend expects from you, let's go;jot them down:

1. Self-confidence

It is the dream of every girl to date a man who has confidence in himself and his capabilities. This doesn't mean that you should be thumping your chest and repeat ten times a day,“I am confident”. It involves basic stuffs such as holding her hand firmly while crossing the road, being protective and not condoning diminishing statements or nonsense from friends.

2. Surprises

Your girlfriend needs unexpected gifts from you without her necessarily asking from you. They don't have to be super expensive as long as they are of use to her. Gifts go hand in hand with memory. Trust me brother she will never ever forget you.

3. Jokes

Don't be the ever lugubrious type! Create a jovial environment whenever she is around while making practical jokes depending on her nature. Try to be playful even if you don't have to be! After all no one forced you in the relationship.

4. Romance

Even though it comes last, it is one of the basic element of every successful and long lasting relationship. It doesn't always have to be in public but do simple things like rubbing on her calf muscle, kissing her on rare parts like the throat or both cheeks. It doesn't exclude the religious type of a girl. Who doesn't love chilling out with loved ones anyway?

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