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Best 3 Signs of True Love

Have you ever asked yourself what is love? For me, I can say that love is unexplainable because it entails all the good things in life. I have ever heard ladies saying that they can't date a broke man but to be honest is that really love? Love cannot be bought but its given freely.

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Love is the very essence of creation. Everything exist because of love. In a relationship, true love is however difficult to find and experience. Here are 5 best signs of true love:

Sacrifices - if someone truly loves you he/she will be willing to sacrifice anything for you. No matter what it takes or the challenges accompanied by the sacrifice, he will still do it just because he or she loves you.

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Respect - respect is the key thing for a good love environment. If someone truly loves he/ she will respect your decisions and love.

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Care - every person loves to be taken care of. Care covers a lot of things like providing, protecting or even comforting when something bad happens like loosing a loved one.

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