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All is not well with you until you make it well: Good things you can do better

The Forgiving principle

The best revenge is not to revenge. There is a proverb that says that before you set out for a revenge, dig two graves.

Revenge on actual sense is a very costly thing.It may be irreversible and irredeemable but yet a very readily available opportunity to showcase your disappointed engagements. By nature, it is not easy to give your opponent space to enjoy his ill-mannered actions on your face. The world we live in is fully of strife.You don't need to be a genius to know how to deal with strife.I advocate diligence and compassion. Do not rub success on people's faces to teach them a small lesson. Remember, the person who wronged you is not happy .He is always troubled about which step youmay take.Correct?Don't be like them. Instead reward them the opposite way;doing good to them.

Try to learn a lesson from every situation

There is good in everything, if we can only look at it keenly. You probably engage in a business which is not performing. You may be in agribusiness making very little profits or you may have failed your examination. Others try politics and fail. Do not look at the world in a negative way. Hard work should drive you. Each situation is a new school for you to learn better.

Character is our fate

Companies look at People's CVs when employing workers. They may look at experience. The have a belief that future prospects are based on past experiences. To some extent it might be true. However, that is not the most important. Other people get success by luck. Simply because they have money. Are the poor worthless?I don't think it is so.Jobs,friends and relationships are build through character.

Doing the right thing should be our mission.

If you are in a company try to be honest. Don't engage in signing fraud cheques, wrong balance sheet books and unfair dealings. The may cost your future. History will judge you.You may not have direct benefits but The Almighty may reward you indirectly.

Everybody is good at something

We all have different talents and abilities. Some are good in Mathematics and others in History. Some know how to control their temper and have humility while others are proud. The world is a giant classroom for all of us to learn. Interactions are avenues for learning. You will prosper if you learn.

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