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Divorce Affair

4 Signs she is emotionally cheating on you

1. They don't want you near their phone

If your partner is suddenly positioning herself away from you while using her phone or gets annoyed when you go near it they may be trying to hide something.

2. They are acting different

Obvious change in your partner’s behavior may be worth investigating. This applies regardless of whether they are spending significantly more time on Facebook or if they suddenly want to hit the gym alone instead of as a couple.

3. They seem to know a lot about this person

She drops a friend's name and shares details about them or their life from time to time, but if you start to notice that they frequently bring up the same person.

4. Shey get upset with you for no reason

She may lash out on you at times either out of frustration or a temptation to ease her guilt. If she is mad at you or you're mad at her then they have an excuse to talk to someone who she get along with.

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