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6 Sleeping Habits And What They Say About Your Relationship

Sleeping position with your partner is as a result of what is going on in your and your spouse's mind. The way you throw arms or legs to each other when sleeping actually has a meaning. Do not miss this article if you are curious about your sleeping position.

1. The tangle position- This position is also called the honeymoon hug position and is common among the newly married couples. It is the most intimate and close-knit position which means the couple has a passionate and vignous sexual relationship. This position is also common with couples after making love.

2. The spooning position- This position has 3 versions in it. (a). The guy is spooning the girl. This means that the guy is dominant and likes to take charge of everything. It speaks about the intimacy between the two of you. (b). The guy is spooning the guy. This shows that the girl is too protective to the man to an extent of becoming slightly possessive. (c). Spooning but with a slight difference. This means that there is trust between the two of you and both rely on each other.

3. The cradle position- This position shows care and protection. The girl resting her head on the guy's chest means that she is seeking a protector who understands her emotional needs. It is also known as the star gazing. It also shows that the man is receptive to her needs and give her the support she is asking for. It symbolizes communication and understanding between a couple.

4. The leg huggers- This position means that you matter to each other but you are not very expressive or open about the fact. It also means that you want each other's attention but you are not ready to openly accept it.

5. The freedom fighters- This position is common for couples who had a misunderstanding about something. It also means that spouses need some space and freedom without distractions from anybody.

6. Distanced together- This position is common with couples who have nothing in common and have opposite or different perspectives on things.

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