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3 Ways Pride Kills Attraction

3 Ways Pride Kills Attraction.

Hello guys, it is another day that we have got to give you a new article of the day. We hope your day is getting along well as well.

Today, allow us to discuss something little about Pride. Well, it is always good to be proud of something but if you aren't careful, it might destroy you.

To be in a relationship requires commitment as it is without thinking otherwise. There is no way you will be proclaiming to be in a relationship when yourself is not committed to it.

That being just a by the way, nothing kills relationship faster than pride. It is the worst enemy a relationship can ever have.

Thay is why we thought about it and decided to release an article about it. Now, pride kills the attraction in the following three ways:

1. Lack of respect.

Yeah, as you all know, respect is the other pillar that supports a relationship. The moment the respect goes down, is the moment things start being absurd.

Now, pride makes you feel superior in a way that you don't see sense in respecting your partner.

It makes you think that it is only you who deserves respect from them while they deserve nothing from you.

The person you are willing to date won't cooperate with you if you continue being proud of yourself.

Infact, they tend to think that you are not willing to go into a serious relationship with them.

So, as the first way by which pride kills relationship, never allow your pride to deny you, your happiness.

Remember we said, it is good to be proud in some areas but to extreme, it is a waste of time.

2. Lack of cooperation.

Well, since you two decided to date with along, you should also be willing to cooperate in many areas.

Like, you should be able to come together and think about something that will help you grow as a family.

If this can't happen, then thigh chances are, the relationship is going nowhere. Now, what might make it not to happen is when one person is so proud of himself.

A proud person feels like they have no time to discuss an issue with the rest and if they must discuss, then their opinion should be given the first priority.

You have to know that this can never happen in this world today, you can not always be right all the time.

And again, your opinion can never serve the rest to hundred percent. There are some people who will always have a different opinion.

So, if you want a relationship to strive to excellent, rg b the best thing you can ever do is to corporate with the other.

3. Reduced communication.

Yeah, the other thing that helps keep the relationship active is the way you communicate.

With distance relationships, it is well understood that you can't maintain this due to network issues and all that.

All in all, whether distance or close the communication should always be there. This will help keep it active.

Now, with a proud partner, things might be different, they tend to have a mentality that goes, “If you can't talk, i won't talk”.

You fail to understand that people are going through different hardships. Maybe my hardships can seem less to you.

That is something you should have at the back of your mind before you judge someone falsely.

Again, you have to remember that, the partner you are dealing with needs your attention more than any other person.

That means, there is less communication in a relationship associated with pride and this leads to it's destruction.

We hope it makes sense to you up to this point, If you have any question where you need assistance, put it down in the comments section below.

Otherwise, follow us for more articles coming through as time goes by. Like, share and comment your opinions.

Content created and supplied by: Collinovidz (via Opera News )

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