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5 Reasons Why Men Fear Dating Working Class Ladies.

Any man in a relationship wants a lady whom he can be control of and this is why most men fear ladies who have a stable job because of the following reasons;

1. Working class ladies are always busy with their work hence when she arrives in the house she will be obvious exhausted, hence she will give less attention to her man.

2. Working class ladies have pride in them especially when she is earning more than her man, a vice that makes any man to feel being overpowered.

3. Men who have working class ladies always fear that their ladies can cheat on them using their job as an excuse because most married couples, hide in job activities like seminars so as cheat on their loved ones.

4. Men fear working class ladies because they feel they know their rights and if any disagreement occurs, they will tend to look for justice.

5. Men fear dating working class ladies because they feel that they (working class ladies) will have less respect for them.

The above reasons makes men very cautious when wanting to date working class ladies. Even the bible says that a man was given the mandate to be the provider and head of the family and that is why they will feel overpowered, when a lady is stable and earning like them.

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