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Qualities Exhibited By A Girl When She Doesn't Have Feelings For You

It's true we all want to fall in love with people who understand and love us back. Obvious giving your heart to someone who doesn't reciprocate the same energy is like forcing issues. You seem desperate and needy when a woman doesn't give you the same feelings. Even when you give an emotional confession she just ignores every time. That's why most guys just give up on her and move on to get another girl. No need to waste time on such a lady who has already proved that she can't love you. 

So don't become a love slave trying to simp a girl yet she's not interested in having any kind of connection with you. Whenever you fall a victim of such situations, please pay attention to the following signs. They evidently reveal that a girl no longer loves you even if you offer her money or any seduction. 

1. Uncommunicative. 

We expect a relationship to grow in the presence of a stable communication system. Interactions, chatting, calls and visits are the main pillars that strengthen communication between partners. But sometimes you may find out that you're the one is ever initiating conversation. If you don't text first then that day you'll not talk, or maybe she gives very late replies. Means she doesn't care about your welfare even saying hi is not her concern. The strings of attachment have already grown weak and it's time to part ways. 

2. Less intimate. 

It's the emotional part of affairs where partners come together both physically and emotionally. Bonds are created at such moments by the way you hug, kiss, cuddle and do all sorts of things. Even when you call her for romantic dinner dates she just declines that offer with a very lame excuse. At times when you are in bed she avoids you by keeping a distance. This is a signal she doesn't want any ties. 

3. You're no longer attractive to her. 

Absolutely when love dies it's replaced by hatred. That's why most people after breaking up develop a very negative attitude towards their ex boyfriends/girlfriends. The hormone which used to inject affection is suppressed by hatred. So the only thing she sees in you paints a bad image of you in her eyes. The handsome guy she used to see becomes extremely ugly and doesn't want to see you anymore. 

My dear brothers, don't carry a yoke yet you can put it down and walk away for the sake of your peace. If she's not meant for you just let her go because her actions will continue hurting you. When a boil grows too big, hiding it can't help and it finally blows out. The more you keep her the more you attract chances of being heartbroken and rejected in public. 

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