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Signs She Loves You But She Is Hiding

There are signs that a woman loves you but She is hiding.Here are signs a woman loves you but she is hiding.

1.She does not make a relationship with any other man but you alone.She is faithful to you and satisfied with you alone.She does not involve in relationship with other women.

2.She text you Everytime claiming that it was by mistake.She text you everytime but claims that she texted by mistake without knowing.

3.She spends a lot of time with you.She spends more time staying with you and discussing with you about your future together.She helps you do perform housework like washing all untensil.

4.She touches you when she is around you.She touche you hands, chest and your hair when she is around you.

5.She makes funny and jokes to make you smile and laugh.She makes funny things to make you laugh and smile.

6.She maintain eye contact with you even after you are not talking to her.She looks directly to your eyes.

7.She always keep looking at you without stopping.She always stare at you when you are around.

8.She bring gifts to you without any reason.She will buy gifts and bring to you with no reason.Normal men are the one who buy gifts to women but this time she will bring to you.

9.She like following you in social media like facebook to open your photos and view them.She will search for your photos on social media to view them.

10.She gives you much respect and attention.She listen to what you are saying and take action for what you have said.She does not interrupt you while you are talking or comment anything.

11.She is always with you in time of trouble.When you have any problem, she is readly available to help you.She does not escape you during hard time.

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