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How to win a lady's heart


Dear All young men Winning a girl heart isn't an easy task same applies to maintaining you relationship .

For you to win her heart without struggling with material goodies consider the following .

1. Know how to approach her

Most men mess up when it come in approaching a Lady. For instance when the girl was walking along the road , just take it easy and walk towards her and pass you greetings .

2. Be sure of her mode.

Knowing someone mode is not easy to predict but from the look of the eye you can get it right by passing a smile.

3. Keep distance

Social distancing is the key to success .

Ensure you are a little bit a part from her , not to far not to close this will make her feel that you aren't immoral and she will have a sense of being safe .

4. Smile

When you smile to her at the approach she feels better well and she will be ready to listen to your vibes.

5. Never use the word "sexy"

The word"sexy" is reflect your notorious ness .

You should not use it because it tells the girl that you have viewed the fullness of her body and you are ready to use her and dump her . Avoid it please 🙏

6. Avoid asking too much on your first meet or approach

On your first meet do not ask too much question about the girl . What you should ask is just name and contact or her address.

7. Dressing code is important

Your mode of dressing matters a lot as it reflect what is in your mind and you profession.

Do not dress up to kill put put on some presentable cloths .

8 . Language and manner

Use the language that is much appealing to her .

Talking about having some manner , whistling to stop a girl is totally terrible thing .

Run or walk to her and say "please ..."

As the word "Please" is having much sense and respect and also most girl do like the word.

9. Eye contact

Maintain eye contact with her this will make her shy off as most girls cannot keep eye contact for long .

And it also show that you are the right person.

NOTE : those are the nine basic skills of winning her heart .

More will come in the next article ( how to maintain long distance relationship)

Keep on checking my auricle.


Content created and supplied by: dickenskenya (via Opera News )



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