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Here are five reasons why women shy away from long-term relationships.

Marriage, settling down, or cohabitation are common outcomes of many relationships. This is contingent on what is best for both parties. 

Despite the fact that men are more likely to say no to substantial relationship commitments, women have also been victims. Some of the causes are as follows: 

1. Issues that have yet to be resolved 

Women are sometimes content with the status of their relationship. They're in the process of constructing themselves. They're letting go of unresolved emotional wounds from the past and generally coming to grips with their lives. This causes a woman to declare that she is not ready to commit. 

2. Unpredictability 

She still has reservations, anxieties, concerns, and doubts about him. When a man proposes to take a relationship to the next level and the girl declines. It's not always about the lady; sometimes it's about the man. 

3. Wishing for a better person 

They're waiting for someone better — in terms of love, riches, and so on – to come along. 

4. Exes  

Some women hold a specific lover to be the gold standard for all others. No matter how long it takes or how many relationships they have, they are still attached to their ex and hope he returns. 

5. She's engaged in a game 

You can bet there are girls who refuse to commit because they've only been in the relationship to go on a cruise, have a good time, possibly spend your money, and commit to nothing.

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