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Toxic relationships and their solution

There are many forms of toxic behaviours observed in relationships. Relationship counselor, Fred Mbathi, advises that the moment you start feeling pressed in your affair, quit it at once! A lot of lives have been lost through depression, physical abuse, substance abuse and even suicide as a result of toxicity in relationships. What toxic traits have you identified in past/ present relationships?

For instance, if your man limits your time hanging out with other people and wants you to spend more time with him, that's him being selfish ans in the longrun, he will end up controlling your movements ans timings.

Another case is where your partner becomes physically or verbally abusive when you engage in a minor or major argument. This scenarios more of often that not usually ends up with either death or physical injuries etc. There are so many toxic behaviours we can identify, but it's of no use if we cannot avoid, distance ourselves from these predecessors. We will only become victims.

Mr.Fred Mbathi advises that one should do what is healthy for them especially mentally. Fight for what is healthy and happy for you. At the end of the day, the best way to make the best out a relatiinship is by being self sufficiently happy and content, making it easy for you to accomodate the other.

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