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7 Stages Of A Long Distance Relationship.

According to research,over 75% of university and college students have a one time been in a distance relationship. Even though current technology makes it easy for communication,it's never easy and break-up may even occur for the weak one. Below are the stages long distance relationship goes through.

1. Decision stage.

When one partner lives far away or is faced with obligation or job opportunities that requires travel, the other partner may not be Willing to accompany. The couple will then decide whether to break up bor enter into a distance relationship.

2. Parting Stage.

Once both parties have agreed to pursue distance relationship, they'll try to spend every remaining minutes together for make up of the time they'll spend apart. This is also the stage where they'll set boundaries and make rules to keep their relationship strong.

3. Transition stage.

It comes when one or both partners has left. In this stage, partner maybe on a denial about how the relationship changed. More calls and updates on everything happen here.

4. Realization stage.

Although you may want to meet your partner,you realize it can't be often because they are far couple begin to process what life is when they can't depend on their partner. This stage also teaches partners how to be independent.

5. Jealousy stage.

You may feel bad about your partner making new friends and having a good time. Research shows that jealousy is the most common negative emotion couple begin experience when they are apart.

6. Doubt.

The longer you stay without seeing each other,the higher the growth of uncertainties. This stage gives couple less chance of surviving.

7. Validation stage.

To arrive at this stage, you have to actively listen to your partner and respond in positive ways just to make the relationship active. This is the stage of meeting again after a successful long distance stay.

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