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Dear Men, Never Tell Your Girlfriend The Following Secrets No Matter How Much You Love Her

1.Never tell her your bank details.

Your girlfriend is still not your family. Never trust her with your bank details no matter how much you are in love with her. People change and you will never tell how it happened. One day you might break up with her and you will not like what she will do to you. You'll rather tell your mother because she will never leave your side.

2.Never tell her how many ladies you've slept with.

This is another thing that you should keep to yourself as a secret. Never tell your girlfriend the number of ladies you've slept with. It will really hurt her especially if you have a whole list of ladies. She will start judging you. It is going to hurt her feelings even though she wasn't in your past life. To avoid all these, you tame your mouth.

3.Never tell her that her friend is hot.

Telling her that her friend is hot will not be fair to her feelings. She will start feeling insecure whenever she sees you around her friend. It will also lower her self-esteem. She will think that she's not enough for you that's why you're finding other ladies hot. Never tell her even if her friend is hot.

4.Never tell her your family secrets.

Remember she's just your girlfriend and not your wife. She's still a stranger who can turn against you anytime. Your family secrets shouldn't be shared to anyone who is not yet part of the family. People change and you'll regret ever telling her your family secrets. Wait until you marry her then you can trust her with your everything.

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