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10 Ways on How To Romantically Treat Your Husband Every Morning

Treating your partner well in the morning before he leaves the house, is the best romance you can offer him. As a result I take you through what you can do to your more to make him think about you all the time.

1. Share your feelings

Wake him earlier in the morning just to have that romance talk and teasing as well. Make him feel loved by asking him how his night was and what he dreamt about. Through this sharing, his day will be a good one and he will eagerly wait for the next day.

2. Provide him with a kiss

Before he moves out of the bed kiss him on his forehead and tell him how your really care for him. Kissing is one way you can use to express your love for him.

3. Send him a message

Remember communication will keep the relationship on pace. Text him without expecting in the morning with a short romantic message even if you are on the same bed. Tell him you will miss him when he gets to work. By just reading that morning message,he will always feel proud of you.

4. Write a note on a paper

Most people thing that letter writing is a past phenomena but do you know your partner feels more love when you write them a short note? Take a piece of paper and write something for him before he leaves to work.

5. Surprise him

Men feel good when they receive unexpected gifts from their women. Therefore, hide something good for him and present it in the morning. You can hide it in his common bag as well so that he can find it immediately he takes the bag.

6. Post a picture on his best social platform

We are in the world full of social media platforms. Find out the platform he uses mostly especially early in the morning. Post his picture there with a short lovely note. This will really show him how you take him as your only man. You can as well sent him your picture while in your night dress and tell him how felt good to spent the night with him.

7. Congratulate his bedroom romance

You enjoyed the bed time with him and you fail to recognize it in the morning. Give him morale and praise his bed game and tell him how he played it will untill you will miss him when he gets to work.

8. Give him an ear

Listening to your man while talking to you when he wakes up is one of the thing that will leave a smile on his face. He may be giving the order of the day or expressing his feelings. Leave all you are doing and listen to him.

9. Fulfil what you promised

You will be considered a joker in the relationship when you don't honour your promises at all. If you told him before you slept that you will do something for him in the morning, make sure you do it. You promised to iron his clothes or brush his shoes, then it will feel more lovey when you do it before being reminded.

10. Make him laugh.

Create a humourous morning environment and let all of you laugh. Create some simple joke for him in bed. Making him laugh always makes the his day to start with happiness.

Let me hear from you too. Do you agree with this? Remember to follow and share for more similar advises.

Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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